August Rates Roundtable Here: Solving the Startup Voice Actor Compensation Conundrum

by | Aug 30, 2016 | Rates Roundtable,

World-Voices Organization’s popular “Rates Roundtable” series kicked off it’s second year of monthly episodes yesterday…and it was a zinger!

Our topic surrounded the paradox of newcomers entering the business, seeking experience AND reasonable rates, and not often being able to find both.  The conversation ranged far ‘n’ wide into the issues of

  • job vs. career
  • P2P’s
  • marketing
  • saying “no” to clients
  • upselling your services
  • job searches
  • referrals
  • building clientele

For a set-up, read Monday’s blog:  REMEMBER YOUR FIRST VO JOB?

The panel is comprised of some names you might recognize, and a couple of newcomers.  Everyone contributed experiences, and thoughtful considerations on the topic.  Our panelists were:

Joe Murphy
Kyle Sauerhoefer
Paul Stefano
Marc Scott
Katherine Curriden
Marisha Tapera
co-hosts Dave Courvoisier & Anne Ganguzza

The video is embedded below.  Please feel free to share, post, and re-purpose anywhere you’d like, and many thanks to our participants!





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