A Smartphone Picture-Taking Primer from a Pro

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Web Resources

guy-taking-photoThe chief photographer/photojournalist/videojournalist at my TV station is awesome…as good as they get.  Matt Adams takes so much pride in his work that he’s a daily inspiration for our news staff.

Only thing is…with MMJ (Multi-Media Journalism) taking over, many of the images captured by our news people are making it to various online digital platforms without passing through the hands of trained “picture-takers”. 

News Reporters are the people who normally enterprise stories, do interviews, write, deliver, and voice stories for the news, but are now being thrust into the role of MMJ.  Often their pictures/video make it to the public before it can get on our broadcast news.

So Adams took the time to compose a 10-point tutorial for them that is so perfect and to-the-point, that I wanted to post it here for your use.  These are tips for SmartPhone picture-taking, which by the way, constitutes something like 30% of the total of all pictures taken in the world…about 1-Trillion pics in 2015.

Read A SmartPhone Picture-Taking Primer here.




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