5 Sites You Should Visit Today to Help Your VO Biz

by | Aug 25, 2016 | Web Resources

5No, it’s not some cheap come-on.  In ONE DAY I found five sites that are either directly related to VO, or helpful to your VO business.  They’re too good NOT to share!  Maybe  you’ve seen one or two of these sites?…if so, I hope you’ll feel moved to pass them along like I am.

#1 A broadcast engineer and consultant who specializes in audio wrote an article about the demise of ISDN a couple of days ago on TVTechnology.com.  It’s a really good summary specifically mentioning voice-over, and underscores the fact that people all around our industry are noticing the same trend.  [Hint:  you might want to read my comment to his article at the bottom, ’cause I think he missed a couple of things.]  http://www.tvtechnology.com/resources/0006/the-audio-world-without-isdn/

#2 Lance Blair released to the public this week, a handy tool for timing your scripts by word-count-per-minute.  I hope he won’t mind my sharing it here.  It’s simple, but oh so handy!  Thanks, Lance!  http://lwww.lanceblairvo.com/script-timer-voice-over-calculator

#3  Another VO Pro – Jay Britton – also openly pubished a nice little template for writing up a contract with VO clients.  You can download it here: Standard Contract template – Jay Britton.  Nicely done, Jay!

#4 You can find any number of articles on charging freelance rates on almost any given day on the internet.  I’m sure hundreds (thousands?) have been written, but I can’t think of any recent one that makes more sense than this one.  Take 10 mins to read it? (and don’t settle for Fiverr): Three Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Feel Bad Charging What You’re Worth

#5 Finally, since I’m such a big apostle for the use of visual cues in your posts, let me just post a link here to FotoJet.com.  A free all-in-one online tool for photo editing, graphic design, and photo collages.  Sure there are several other sites that do this pretty well (Canva, Pablo, etc), but I think FotoJet deserves a look-see.  https://www.fotojet.com/

Honorable Mention: Just ’cause you never know when you might need a tool like this for video marketing:  DesignWizard.




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