The New You

by | Jun 26, 2016 | Ruminations

new youBelieve me…the biggest challenge in getting older is not that the knees go, or the hair gets thinner…it’s reinventing yourself.  Staying relevant. Renewing the challenge.; being agile, adaptable.

It means resisting the adage about not being to teach an old dog new tricks.

So, the challenge becomes challenging yourself…or at least continually finding new challenges.

To my way of thinking…anything less is slow, depressing death.  Now, of course, we’re all going to die, but you get to have some say on how you  go out, and I’m determined not to go our whimpering.

Thankfully we live in an age like no other known to humankind…the age of information.  If you don’t know it, you can find it out like >>snap<< that.  Sure, there’s information overload to contend with…but you’re smart.  You can see when content is misleading, promotional, or just plain offensive.  Pass that stuff by, and stick to the good stuff.  Right now, I’m reading a book about Revolutionary War Patriots.  The stuff you find in history…’can’t make it up!

I’ve got lists of lists of stuff that I should read.  Never enough time…..but I keep chipping away at it.

I came across this one over the weekend:  LinkedIn ProFinder Gives Visibility Boost to Freelancers.  It led me to the LinkedIn ProFinder page.

In checking it out, I found out the site is less than promising for voice-acting freelancers.  But in stumbling around through other links in that article, I found another resource that DID have application for voice-actors:  13 Ways to Reach More People.

Not into reading like I am?  Then maybe PodCasts or videos are for you. 

Bottom line?  You gotta help yourself…in fact take a BIG helping of all that’s available to you.  There is so much for the taking…mostly free.

Are you up for the challenge?




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