Rates Roundtable: eLearning

by | Jun 1, 2016 | Rates Roundtable, World-Voices.org

elearningWhen the big national TV spots are not hittin’ like they should…or even as a VO career mainstay; eLearning projects pay the bills.

People don’t talk about it all that much, but eLearning — or Elearning, E-Learning (whatever) — often constitutes steady work, with dependable clients, at decent pay. 

In the Rates Roundtable, which you can view below…our eLearning expert guests are:

  • Paul Boucher
  • Christi Bowen
  • Jack de Golia
  • Laurel Thomas
  • Rick Gordon
  • Jodi Krangle
  • along with your co-hosts Anne Ganguzza and yours truly

We tackle the definition of eLearning, current rate structures for eLearning, contracts, referrals, revisions, marketing, and industry standards for this VO genre’.

There’re a couple of edits near the beginning to cut out some audio issues, so even though this recorded session a little less than the usual hour…it’s jam-packed with some crazy-good information for setting eLearning rates that would make any self-respecting voice actor proud. 

Be sure to listen for Paul Boucher’s excellent justification for positioning yourself as a value proposition…not a commodity.

Thanks to all those who contributed to this stellar discussion!




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