“Bunny” is Dead

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Analysis

logovoicebunny250Why oh why did Alex Torrenegra even invent VoiceBunny in the first place?

Was Voice123.com not successful enough?  Was he not making enough off the backs of earnest voice actors with his zany smartcast algorithms?

OK, let’s not get into that.  He had his reasons. 

But explain to me why Torrenegra would even CONTEMPLATE calling it Voice BUNNY in the first place?

OK, well maybe that doesn’t matter now, either, ’cause Voice Bunny is no more…replaced (in name anyway) with Torre.  When you read Alex Torregnegra’s blog explaining this shift, there’s a long and involved rationale about brainstorming, branding, and brand…but when it comes down to it, does anyone doubt where the name came from.  Really?  Torre?

I remember back when Voice Bunny launched, a well-known brand analyst told me that the Bunny name was condescending for a target group in the age set of 30 and up, who in this case are people who have labored years to work as professionals.  Further; that the bunny logo is almost insulting as it tries to be too cute in a business that still struggles for legitimacy in some sectors.

I guess that message finally came through.  So now, Voice Bunny is just “Torre”. 

No one doubts that Torrenegra is a genius (if mercenary) entrepreneur , but I think there’s plenty of room to doubt whether he has the best interests of the voice acting community at heart.

So for those of you who have been “hare”-brained enough to accept the disrespectful compensation levels being offered by VoiceBunny — you no longer have to suffer the indignity of association by name.

All that’s left is for you to somehow justify for your own conscience, Torre’s terrible rates.




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