WoVO Rates Roundtable with GVAA: Must See!

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Screenshot 2016-05-04 12.08.04-aWednesday morning, WoVO invited the staff from Global Voice Acting Academy (GVAA) to it’s Rates Roundtable series of panels.

This was a chance for the GVAA people to explain the genesis of their new rates resource guide…how much work went into compiling it, why it needs to remain a living document, and most importantly: why you should use this document.

Guests were:

Cristina Milizia
David Rosenthal
David Toback
Steven Jay Cohen
Jay Preston
Marielle Nuval

…along with co-hosts Anne Ganguzza and Dave Courvoisier

The GVAA VO Rate Guide can be found here.

INCREDIBLE resource.  So needed, and it’s for our clients/producers/agents as well as anyone!  World-Voices Organization salutes the GVAA people who put so much work into this endeavour.

I’d say more, but it’s all in the video recording of our session (below: 1 hour, 5 mins)…including cameos from other VO’s who were visiting to watch the session live.

Huge THANKS to the GVAA for an amazing body of work!




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