Smartphone Voice Recorder Without the Phone

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philips-2You know me.  I’m not one to let a new portable recording gizmo go unnoticed.

The new smartphone-looking audio recording device from Philips Electronics is called the Speechair…which of course begs the question of whether it’s a Spee Chair, or a Speech Air (whatever that is).

Bad naming aside, this looks to be a very workable device that has lots of cool Android-powered touchscreen features… just no phone…hey!…who needs a phone?

From one of the online reviews: philips-3

“Philips SpeechAir has an ergonomic slide switch, a docking station for charging, an antimicrobial Gorilla Glass 4-inch protected display, and both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. It is powered by a dual-core Cortex-A9 processor, has 1GB of RAM and 16GB internal memory. Of course, you have a recorder app as well.”

Links to some other reviews:

Of course most of us voice actors wanna know how good the recording capabilities are.  There is this from one of the reviews: 

“…The digital voice recorder houses three microphones, with each meant for accomplishing different tasks. The SpeechAir includes a 360-degree microphone, a directional microphone, and one MEMS microphone for making VoIP calls. It comes bundled with a desktop docking station, headphones, and power cables…”

Oh, and it takes pictures too.  Also, one of the articles I read on Speechair says it comes with a transcription service.  I wish it came with an extremal mic receptacle.  Maybe that’s version 2.0?

Below is a zippy video Philips put out on the Speechair.  They are not announcing availability or price yet.




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