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  • finding it
  • currying it
  • protecting it
  • nurturing it
  • sacrificing for it
  • sharing it
  • being loyal to it
  • (sometimes) relinquishing it
  • including it
  • checking it
  • being vulnerable to it
  • defending it
  • referring to it
  • being intimate with it
  • justifying it
  • building it
  • refreshing it
  • coloring it
  • honoring it


  • abusing it
  • leveraging it with ulterior motives
  • dishonoring it
  • letting it languish
  • betraying it
  • being capricious or arbitrary with it
  • taking advantage of it
  • using it against someone
  • reneging on it
  • boasting of it
  • shaming it
  • denying it
  • being selfish with it
  • ignoring it
  • being crass with it

…’cause when you get right down to it; relationship is at the heart of our business, and should be the business of your heart.




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  1. Marie Hoffman

    Today’s Relationship blog is spot on, Dave. Also, has a very mindful twist to it, which is terrific.

    Thanks, Dave.


  2. Johnny George

    What an interesting and timely topic for your daily blog. Not sure how you come up with a new topic EVERY day. I have a hard one coming up with something just ever so often. Man!

    Well done – as usual my friend.


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