Two Scary Links and a Gift

by | Mar 18, 2016 | VO Business

skull crossbones wallpaper-2Now I know how content creators feel when their intellectual or musical or art output is “pirated”. 

I never expected to regain the total cost of self-publishing my book.  But I thought I might make back a dollar-or-two when niche VO hopefuls bought my book.  More Than Just a Voice: The REAL Secret to Voiceover Success.

Surprise, surprise!  Apparently some scammer is trying to GIVE it away.  I haven’t even clicked on the link to see if it’s legit.  Be my guest, but don’t be surprised if the download comes with a whole host of piggybacking viruses or browser hijacking programs.  Here’s the link.  Even the “reviews” are generic.

Of a lesser threat, but still disconcerting because I’ve had no say nor control over it, is THIS page that lets you download or play any number of videos I’ve posted in various places over the years.  It’s not some exhaustive compendium, mind you, which makes me wonder how this stuff even comes together.  Who devises the online robots that aggregate this stuff?…and why?

Finally, I’m finding out that the competition between companies that produce .pdf conversion programs is CUT-THROAT.  I’ve done a review or two on program like that here on my blog.  Apparently Google searches done by these companies returned some results for those reviews, and I end up getting a courteous letter asking if I might add a review of THEIR new .pdf conversion software? 

There’s nothing wrong with any of that, in fact, in this case YOU get to benefit.  Here’s what one company wrote me:

We thought that we could create a better-looking, more powerful PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and JPG to PDF Converter, which can all help individuals expedite the process of editing and converting PDFs and JPGs at absolutely no cost. Here is our finished work:

In my opinion, our PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and JPG to PDF Converter are more thorough, up to date, and user friendly than any other existing collection of PDF tools, not to mention all three are completely free for anyone to use. So, considering you have previously shared Readdle’s website, I think it would be great if you could share our PDF Editor, PDF Converter, and JPG to PDF Converter as companion tools for your readers.

As far as I can tell the FormSwift sites are totally legit and safe.

Have a great weekend!




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