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by | Mar 31, 2016 | Ramblings/Off-Topic

long-road-into-the-sunsetHow often do you see in those pithy motivational sayings on Facebook that downtime is important to your uptime?

I’m there. 

I’ve often encouraged “life intermissions” as a means of maintaining sanity.  It doesn’t have to be exotic.  In fact, to me a vacation is anything that is a break in the standard routine — which seems more like a ball ‘n’ chain after a while.  The so-called “staycation” is about the best vacation a person could want sometimes.

Have you ever noticed, though, that there’s no GOOD time to go on vacation?  Something essential is always scheduled smack-dab in the middle of things…or some event/someone’s visit runs counter to your time off. 

Voice actors differ in their approach to vacation.  Some go fully-equipped to do mobile recordings, and others leave it all behind.  There’s even disagreement on whether to tell your clients you are going to be gone.  Does being on vacation mean you’re not going to read email?

Check back on this blog over the weekend to see where I’ve gone off to.  A place I’ve never been before.  I’m gonna read email (once in a while), but I’m not taking recording equipment.  The timing couldn’t be worse for all the reasons important to my TV employers.  So the timing is never right…right?  But please don’t tell anyone, OK?  It makes my wife nervous about the house.  Just know, I’ve got videocam surveillance, armed security, house alarms, neighborhood watch, and a resident attack-cat.




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