grammar2The word “ludicrous” doesn’t pop up in TV news copy very often, but lately, when it DOES…it’s spelled “ludacris”.  Excuse me, but that in itself is ludicrous!

Good spelling and grammar still count.  I gnash my teeth saying that, because I truly believe English is a living, breathing, morphing, and ever-changing animal.  Even in this blog, I use “gonna” and “hafta” to be conversational.  But when I write the contraction to “you are”…I always write “you’re”.  Not “your”.  Others of you have a particular aversion to “it’s” when the correct use of the word in context is “its”.  The list of spelling/grammar pet peeves is endless.

People who are sticklers for these things have their place in the world beyond making you feel sheepish and guilty for being a bad speller or grammarian.

You can call us snobs, I guess, and you’d be right.  But here’s the thing:  in the world of BUSINESS.  These matters of etiquette still count.  Your newsletter, your email, your blog is IMMEDIATELY marked down by the possible VO client or prospect who cares about these things…and most perfectionists (like the kind who hire voice talent) DO care.

Let me ask you this; how many times have you noticed, and complained to yourself, or even were somewhat confused by misspellings or bad punctuation in the copy you’ve been sent to voice?  It matters.  When you see sloppy copy, you begin to wonder about the copywriter, yes, but you might even begin to call into question the efficacy of the entire project.

The converse is true too.  In all your written dealings with clients, producers, agents, and prospects…they notice. They notice how you conduct yourself as a business person.  Use spell-checker.  Try Grammerly.  It works like a snap.

Don’t believe me.  Read this article:  Yes, Good Grammar is (Still) Important, and Here’s Why.

SO MANY great thoughts by Megan Krause:

  • people make involuntary judgements about you based on your grammar
  • are you a “purist”, a “rebel”, or a “don’t-know-don’t-care”?
  • people who cannot distinguish between good and bad language are unlikely to think carefully about anything else
  • grammar is a brand ambassador
  • the better the grammar, the clearer the message
  • language is the tool with which we try to make sense of it all
Trust me.  Take the time to read it.



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