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christmasBack in 1993 I got creative.  I decided to put together a little newsletter about my growing family to place inside the Christmas cards we mailed to our friends.  Then and now, we call it the “Courvoisier Christmas Chronicle”.

22 years later, I’m still at it.  ‘Haven’t missed a year.

Call me kooky, old-fashioned, or just a hog for punishment.  The tradition of Christmas card mailings is almost a lost art in this digital world… but not for me!

I begin on October 30th.  Yep, Halloween is my cue to start composing a .pdf doc, front ‘n’ back that profiles our kids, our travels, and any other notable happenings in the Courvoisier year.  I put lots of pics on the pages, and try to keep it light-hearted.  People tell me they love getting them.  No, really! 

Most years we send out about 70.  Yes, hand-addressed, lick the envelopes, and write a personal note in each one.  Who does that anymore?  We do!

Over the decades, some names are on the “send to” list without fail.  Other names have come ‘n’ gone.  A few are no longer with us.

But ya know what?  The list has more and more voice-actor names on it in recent years.  I’ve almost NEVER sent a Courvoisier Christmas Chronicle to a broadcast acquaintance.  Not that the people I work with in TV aren’t fine folks.  But that was always “work”. 

Voice acting doesn’t seem that way.  The VO people I know don’t seem like work colleagues, or even competitors… they’re more like part of my family.  And what do you do with family?  You send ’em a Christmas Card!

I like that.  I like my VO family, and I could never quite say that about my TV family.

Oh boy…aren’t YOU lucky.  Get close enough to the Courvoisiers, and you just might get a hand-addressed envelope in the mail some Christmas. 😉 




CourVO Newsletter


  1. Charlie

    Great that you do this Dave and I am sure your recipients appreciate them year after year! A radio friend of mine in Atlanta does that too and she puts so much descriptive humor into hers and it is hilarious. What is it about you news people? You are creative, consistent and Christmasey! LOL I have to say the consistency element is the challenge for me. I have an idea and only carry it through a few times them falter…that has to stop! Blogging is something that requires consistency and I am doing that.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family-may the New Year present you with more prosperity which will overwhelm!

    Charlie Sill
    Atlanta, GA

  2. Marie Hoffman

    Dear Dave:

    Nice! This reminds me of those magical times of childhood-when Christmas was special (and not so commercial), you took the time to write cards (sadly I don’t anymore), bake cookies (I still do that), decorate the house (yep, still do that too) and invite friends and family for some Christmas cheer (love doing that).

    Thanks for the memories and Merry Christmas to you and “the family” (I feel the same way you do about the VO family).

    All the best,
    Marie Hoffman

  3. Jack

    It is a great tradition! I love this time of year and sending a “Real” card is part of what makes it so special. When we lived in Montana we received cards and almost every one shared briefly, what that family’s year was like. It was something we enjoyed getting and have kept every card and felt closer to these families. We adopted this tradition and have now been doing it since 1999. We rely so much (sometimes too much) on technology in VO and in our daily lives. To me, sending a real card and what it contains, is truly from the heart…
    Have a blessed and Merry Christmas


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