Watch WoVO’s Rates Roundtable #5

by | Dec 1, 2015 | VO Business

roundtable 5As promised, below is the hour-long video recording of Tuesday’s 5th R.A.D.A.R. Rates Roundtable. 

The discussion was an education; something we take seriously at World-Voices Organization.  We feel that through education, advocacy…awareness and mentoring, the voice-acting community can much better hold its own in today’s marketplace challenges.

The general topic of this 5th roundtable: online casting sites (in their many iterations), and how they do or do not effect compensation rates for voice-actors.

Our guests this time ’round:

  • Armin Hierstetter (founder/owner of Bodalgo)
  • Joe Davis (site developer behind
  • Dan Lenard (VP of Technical Certification for WoVO, and founder of
  • Melissa Exelberth (seasoned VO Pro, and the force behind
  • Simon Lopez, AugAudio Production Manager (online casting site
  • Dave Courvoisier, WoVO Prez, and co-host
  • Anne Ganguzza, WoVO member and co-host
Please take the time to watch, and feel free to spread around the YT video URL as you see fit.



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