Rates Roundtable #5 Today

by | Dec 1, 2015 | VO Business

roundtableMainSince August, we’ve dissected the VO rates issue from many angles in our online discussions.  ‘Turns out, there’s lots more to say!

My co-host — Anne Ganguzza — and I think this is fertile ground for education, awareness, and constant monitoring.  We live in times of changing media, a global marketplace;  and a  “snooze, you lose” sort of atmosphere.

We’ve had some groundbreaking conversations in these hour-long panels, and we keep finding people at the top of their game to engage in these discussion.

Today, Anne and I will host our 5th WoVO-sponsored R.A.D.A.R. (Rates And Digital Ad Reform) Roundtable, and the general target topic will be online casting sites:  how hard they are to devise and deploy, what challenges are there for the owners to manage, what they SHOULD be achieving, and how they can affect the marketplace.

Our august panel consists of:

  • Armin Hierstetter (founder/owner of Bodalgo)
  • Joe Davis (site developer behind VoiceOver.biz)
  • Dan Lenard (VP of Technical Certification for WoVO, and founder of VoiceOver.biz)
  • Melissa Exelberth (seasoned VO Pro, and the force behind Voiceoverx.com)
  • Simon Lopez, AugAudio Production Manager (online casting site)
  • Dave Wallace, LA-based voice actor
  • Dave Courvoisier, WoVO Prez, and co-host
  • Anne Ganguzza, WoVO member and co-host

We start out these hour-long discussions with a direction, but never try to squelch the flow of the conversation.  The formula works, and always educates.

While the panel discussion is not open to the general public, it IS recorded, and openly posted at no cost for all to see…usually by the end of the day. Watch for the video here on this blog, and on the World-Voices Organization home page as well as other places online.




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