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by | Nov 6, 2015 | Subscription Services

Bouncing BallMore and more of the frustration I’m hearing about with (ahem) a certain online VO casting site has to do with the level of complexity that’s been added into the mix over the years. 

People complain that it’s hard to follow the bouncing ball.  In the early years it was a simple flow of :

  1. job posted
  2. audition answered
  3. talent chosen

But that’s become waaaay too complicated AND easier for management to embed hidden fees and explain them away in a manner no one could challenge (or even understand).

For a while, I found some of that “early” simplicity in the Bodalgo casting site.  Yesterday, though, I got a proud announcement of new functionality being added in.  The new Bodalgo debuts November 15th, and details of the added features are re-printed below.

Hey, it may be the best improvement since the Slinky® came out…but I’m reserving judgement till I get to try it.  You’ll ‘scuse me if I’m a little wary of online subscription sites these days.  I know they’re not all created equal…but the wisdom of seasoned VO pros keeps ringing in my ears:  the best clients are the ones you find and build relationships with on your own.

Here’s the Bodalgo announcement from founder Armin Hierstetter:

Maybe you already heard about it: I have been working on a new version of bodalgo for more than a year now. Today, I am proud to say: New bodalgo is just around the corner. Please take a minute to learn more about new bodalgo, it is really worth it!

new responsive design: A beauty on every device – from phone to desktop
better user interface: bodalgo was never hard to use, but: it’s even easier now. Less clicks to get the job done
instant notifications: If you keep a browser window with bodalgo open, you will be notified about new incoming jobs the second they are posted. No need to check your email every five minutes
audition with iPhone & iPad: Apple prohibits audio uploads on iOS devices. New bodalgo will offer the possibility to chose an existing demo from your profile on those devices
security & reliability Brand new high performance Dell server with ultra fast gigabit backbone and hourly backup

ISDN? SourceConnect? ipDTL? Now’s the time for bodalgoCall

bodalgoCall connects voice seekers with your studio. No need for extra hardware or software. Only thing you need is a browser: we support basically all of the usual suspects (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer).

That’s as easy as making a phone call and sounds as awesome as your voice. Use any microphone you like (built in, your studio gear etc). Your voice will travel with up to 320 kBit/s through the wires (that’s more than needed to be honest, but hey: quality does not hurt, huh?)

All talents of bodalgo may use bodalgoCall free of charge for three months. Premium members will always be able to receive calls at no extra charge. We are confident that bodalgoCall will help talents greatly offer an even better service to their clients!

When does new bodalgo launch?
Sunday, November 15th, 2015, will be the day. We will switch to the new system between 7.00 am and 11.00 pm CET. Unfortunately, you will not be able to login during that time. We will do our best to speed up the process as much as possible!

You can help us!
Switching to a new system always bears the risk of some blips during the process. That’s why we would like to ask you to check your profile after the relaunch (btw: that would be a great opportunity to update your profile!) and report flaws you experience. Although we might not be able to personally respond to each single request, be rest assured: We will take care of it!

I am looking forward to seeing new bodalgo in action just as much as I hope you do. I am confident that the new platform will not only help you with your business but also attract more voice seekers. Help us and spread the word!


This came in later today from Armin Hierstetter:

The bodalcoCall feature has nothing to do with the casting process. That stays as easy as you claim it should be: Job posted, audition sent, voice chosen.
The call feature is solely to help people connecting *after* a job has been assigned.
I am sure both talents and seekers will greatly benefit from bodalgoCall. An example: Imagine a client that u are about to get on board (not through bodalgo). You will be able to share a link to make a voice session online. Without your client to be registered with bodalgo.
Works the other way, too, btw.




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