Finger Pointing At Close Range

by | Nov 5, 2015 | Ruminations

finger-pointing-timeWhen ya get too close to something, you lose perspective.  Several situations already this week reveal the wisdom of that adage.

Just ask’s David Ciccarelli, who got too close to his own one-man PR campaign…too close to see the outrage of the VO community he professes to serve, and too close to his own justifications to see the logic of the man face-to-face with him on the couch.

Just ask Graeme Spicer, who got close enough to a firestorm of interview aftermath to realize that standing up for ethical principles can bring backlash — good and bad.

Just ask any of the scores of voice actors who maybe got too close to their own righteous indignation, a social media account, and an axe to grind.

Hey, just ask me!  I’m a news guy, and this controversy drew me like a moth to the flame.  So close to the flame, that I got singed by my own enthusiasm for righting a wrong.  Then the WoVO hat that I wear got me too close to the egotistical belief that I HAD to have a voice in this conversation.

We’re all probably too close to the tension surrounding this week’s disagreement to realize the truth lies in the middle somewhere…as it always does in polarizing situations.

Peripheral damage was rampant:

  • collegial business partners & Edge Studio alla sudden found themselves in a trying relationship
  • lawyer sabre-rattling instantly became a popular idea
  • the amicable Bill DeWees pondered the wisdom of being in the midst of controversy
  • World-Voices Organization caught flak for not acting as the VO Police
  • World-Voices Organization caught flak for acting as the VO Police
  • people previously fired from felt old wounds re-opened
  • the California Attorney General’s office wondered what hit ’em
  • Citrix’ GoToWebinar officially became the lamest online conferencing tool evar
  • attempts to repress broadcast recordings only make them more salacious
  • Terry Daniel questions if there’s any meat left on the bone for HIS upcoming interview

I could go on. 

This week, my oldest daughter fell down a flight of stairs and broke her foot.

THAT is important.  All this posturing?  Not so much.

Old media veterans will recognize the phrase:  “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”. 

I’m not saying protesting unfair practices isn’t worthwhile.  Just that contributing to the negativity actually works against your cause.

Speaking as an individual and as the Prez of WoVO, my energy will heretofore be spent more on sticking to the mission of providing a viable P2P alternative in the VO marketplace, and less on trying to answer an obstinate PR spin.

THAT is something I CAN get close to.




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