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Reputation-aYou’ve just been falsely accused, maybe even wrongly arrested or served with legal papers that are a total surprise.

Now begins the defense…regardless of your guilt or innocence.

Everything you are or were comes into question.  What is your standing, your worth ethic, your family life, your history…?

…in short…what is your reputation?

That may all sound dramatic, and rarely do we need to respond at that level of challenge.

Think, though… we’re all trying to achieve acceptance as a freelance voice actor.  So…

  • What’s at the center of that endeavour? 
  • What will prospective clients do to determine whether they want to have a relationship with you? 
  • How will your history appear to them? 
  • What will your social media presence reveal? 
  • How will your referrals reflect back on you?  
  • Does your work record bear up under scrutiny? 

For freelancers, there is no perceptive boundary between our business and our personal lives.  We sell our reputation as our calling card.  What does yours look like?




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