Outa Control

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Web Resources

internet-aThere’s just too much great info on the web.  I find myself either turning off my computer completely, or spending all day there…  and you can guess which one is winning.

As Voice-Actors, we’re always seeking ways to make our freelance business more efficient.  These are digital tools.  Use the ones that work, and don’t waste time on the time-wasters.

I find that lists help, but sites with lists on the internet are just getting out of control!

The King of all list-sites:  List.ly.   Go ahead, visit, and I dare you to spend less than an hour on the site.

Now, I’ve found a new one:  ListHunt.   Even more visual… and the lists….wow!  Again, a complete time-suck, unless you find gold.  And this list from ListHunt has gold:  14 Best New Tools for Designers and CreativesThe best tip on this list:  LibreStock, which lets you search the best 30 free stock photo websites in one place.  But the 13 other sites are no slackers.

Oh, and let me leave you with a link to an interesting site I also found in my internet wanderings.  Not a list, but kind of mind-blowing when you think about it:  A Free News-Writing Bot.  ‘Just might come in handy for that next news release you hate to have to write.

{late add, 4-7-2020:  PikWizard has over 100,000 free images and videos including people pictures which tend to be rare on free stock photo sites. Also: DesignWizard, PikWizard’s graphic design tool — awesome stuff!}




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