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by | Oct 27, 2015 | Compensation

RATES2…to get comfy with a bowl of Coco Puffs or Italian Wedding Soup, and watch one of the best discussions about VO compensation rates you’ll ever see.

Tuesday around 1pm Pacific, my co-host Anne Ganguzza and I are holding the fourth in a series of online discussions about VO rates.  We call it R.A.D.A.R. — Rates And Digital Ad Reform.  We explore the many, varied, and challenging ways compensation schemes are changing, evolving, and sometimes escaping previous paradigms in the world of voice-over.  The roundtable is sponsored by World-Voices Organization.

Our guests today will be:

  • Erik Sheppard
  • Steven Lowell
  • Beau Stephenson
  • Dani States
  • Johnny George
  • Jay Preston
  • along with yours truly and Anne Ganguzza
The panel is not open to public viewing (this time).  But it’s being recorded, and we turn it around pretty quickly later in the day, and plaster it all over social media so anyone can view for free.
You can see the previous three hour-long sessions at’s home page…and on the WoVO YouTube page.
We try not to control the course of the conversation too much, and usually find that the hour disappears in some rich discussion that covers all sorts of current topics.

Also no better time…to make your feelings known, to ask the tough questions, to demand answers, and to understand how and why does the things it does sometimes.

Many of the voice-over Groups on FaceBook and elsewhere lately have been full of posts that seem to show a deep and arbitrary “tax” on projects.  There are stories that producers list jobs at hundreds of dollars more than appear on the pay-to-play listings.  I’m sure there’s an explanation, and this is your chance to hear it. CEO David Ciccarelli will appear with Bill DeWees in early November.  Details below if you haven’t already seen it.

Below (in blue) is DeWees’ invitation verbatim.

You may, or may not, have seen all of the online rumblings in social media forums regarding’s professional services practices.

The controversy specifically revolves around pricing of projects.

Whether this issue is of importance to you or not, I think you’ll have a lot to learn when David Ciccarelli, CEO of, joins me for a Q&A webinar, Wed., Nov. 4 at noon eastern time/11am central.

You can sign up for this free webinar at this link.  By joining the webinar you will be able to submit your own questions to David!

The specific purpose of the webinar is to answer questions regarding the recent controversy of project pricing by project managers, and to clarify the role of professional services within

This will be the perfect opportunity to better understand how operates, which in turn will equip you to better utlize this powerful platform for voice over work!

The webinar will be recorded and posted on my YouTube channel, but to get your questions answered be sure to register now (click here).  

Thanks, Bill!




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