Don’t Dread Drymouth

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Techniques | 4 comments

biotene.jpgTonight, I’ll climb into my studio, and once again face the spectre of dry-mouth.

Dry mouth equals mouth clicks, and mouth clicks equals a noisy recording, and a noisy recording means longer editing time.  

Yes, I drink gallons of distilled water every day (I get kidneystones if I don’t).  Regardless of what I say in this blog…water may be the best ultimate remedy for drymouth..but think about “juicing up” hours before you need to get in the studio…and just keep an open bottle there next to your monitor for quick hydration between takes.

I’ve also heard about the green apple remedy…the pectin in the fruit helps…but how many apples can I eat during a long eLearning course? 

Amy Snively, at one of the FaffCons introduced the medically-related glycerin swabs.  They work too, but don’t taste great.

Scott Brick says he used to pause between pages of audiobook narrating to take a couple of grains of salt…again, not great for your kidneys…but it DOES work.

Now, I’m trying Biotène.  This product has a whole line of solutions for dry mouth…gum, mouthwash, toothpaste, and mouthspray. 

I’ve already purchased the mouthwash, and tasted it.  Not great, but if it does the trick in the studio, who cares? (I just wish I had one of those little porcelain sinks your dentist used to have you spit into…in my studio…heh) Let me know if you have a better solution that works for you.

Secret?  Buy the big bottle of Biotène mouthwash, and the small spray bottle.  When the small spry bottle empties out, just refill it from the big bottle…saves buying the spray bottle again and again.




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  1. Michael Orenstein


    I have extreme dry mouth, to the point where my tongue and lower lip go numb if I don’t take meds for it – I also use Bitoene, and these little beauties. They adhere to the side of your tooth, and last about half an hour or so, giving you better hydration than a quick spray or rinse, and they don’t get in the way of recording the way a lozenge would.
    Just my two cents for people who are going through some severe dry mouth.

  2. Jack de Golia

    Dry mouth and clicks: part of the issue has to do with where you live (I’m in the Mojave Desert too), your age, medications you’re taking, as well as hydration. My ultimate solution in addition to Biotene is iZotope’s RX’s Declicker and Decrackler. They can reduce the workload in the war against clicks to something like manageable.

  3. Bryan Smart

    I often keep a glass of apple cider (not juice – cider uses the apple skin and all) next to me in the studio. Works just as well as apples for providing the pectin that helps hydrate your mouth as well as an Apple does.


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