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by | Oct 12, 2015 | ipDTL, ISDN

Sometimes an idea comes along that just makes us all do a face-plant, and say:  “Of course!…Perfect!”

Kevin Leach — the founding and creative force behind ipDTL — and  his development team, just launched what could be the convergence communication solution for voice-actors seeking ISDN-or-better quality remote recording.

The biggest recent announcement from in:Quality was the “Tel” feature…allowing you to dial a “phone patch” along with your IP connection.  Now the Tel feature has been expended, allowing you to dial an ISDN line “…almost anywhere in the world with your computer and an internet connection.”

See the ISDN Web-Browser solution announcement from ipDTL.

Read the detailed instructions here.

[as of this release, the functionality to RECEIVE an ISDN call is not yet present]

I shoulda known Leach was working on something like this.  He’s been asking for mine and others’ ISDN SPIDS lately for test calls.

Now I know what he’s been up to.


The development of this product takes the debate over ISDN to a whole different dimension.  For instance, why would we need a service like ISDN To Go, now?…or ANY bridging service?  No, a talent cannot yet receive an ISDN caller on this system, but what’s the big deal?…just call them!  No need to pay for an ISDN Long-Distance service if you’ve already got your ipDTL account with the “Tel” add-on.

Kevin was kind enough to offer me a few other insights into this development.  My questions and his answers are below.

How hard was this to accomplish technically?

Very!  It’s taken us the best part of a year and has added several layers of complexity to our operation.  The fact that no other company has achieved this is evidence enough of the challenges we’ve faced.

What’s the added cost for you or for the talent?
It’s been our biggest financial investment to date.  People ask ‘why would you pay for ipDTL when there are now similar services which are free’; well this is the kind of development that your subscriptions are funding.  Initially we’re including the ISDN beta trial in our basic Tel subscription which is just $15 a month.  Once we see usage patterns we’ll have a better idea of what the cost might be longer term, but I don’t see that price going up considerably.  ipDTL has always been affordable, and we want to keep it that way.
What did your testing reveal?
Well for one, that it works!   It’s been a reminder though of just what a pain ISDN can be with all the various codecs, manufacturers and interoperability challenges.  Due to the way the ipDTL side of the connection works in order to keep the overall delay low, you need a good rock solid wired internet connection for this more so than ever.
Anything else?
As with anything new, I advise that anyone who might want to use it spends plenty of time familiarising and testing before you need it for a job.  It’s frustrating when people leave things to the last minute and then blame the technology!

Nice going, Kevin Leach!




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