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by | Oct 1, 2015 | VO Business | 2 comments

wovo-line-finalExcuse me for feeling just a little proud.  Maybe 500 isn’t such a monumental number.  You’d have to know where WoVO started…with 5 guys and a dream.  Now, three years later, 500 professional voice actors ALSO believe in that dream. (already 500+)

Compared to the thousands in SAG-AFTRA or other industry trade associations, 500 might seem fledgling.  But we’re not the union, and there ARE no other voice actor trade associations.  There’s WoVO.

So we think it’s pretty cool to reach this milepost, and if you’re in World-Voices Organization we hope you do too.

We celebrating today with a major News Release on PR Web, and a brand-spanking new promotional video explaining our online directory of professional voices:  VoiceOver.biz.  (see below)

If you’re one of the first 500 WoVO members, you’ll be receiving an email very soon with your very own commemorative “Founding 500” logo to use as you see fit.  We in no way want to diminish the contributions that we’re sure will come from the next 500 members, but we just wanted to signify in a small way those members who believed in WoVO when the road was still a little rocky.

So, yes, 500 is a benchmark to celebrate…and I AM proud…proud to be a part of this tremendous voiceover community!




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  1. Susan Manhire

    David, I’m sending a heart felt, sincere thank you to all of the founding fathers and fatherettes who worked together to create WoVO. It has been a true pleasure to watch this group take shape and grow. Wow, 500! As we have discussed before, I look forward to contributing time and talent where needed, in the near future. Be excited and be proud!

    • CourVO


      Sorry for the delayed response. Thank you so much for your support…’means a lot to us! With folks like you as members, how can we fail!?

      Dave Courvoisier


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