5 Best Marketing Blog Lists

by | Oct 6, 2015 | Web Resources

Franz Liszt

Franz Liszt

There is no more satisfying practice for the perfectionist OCD person than creating a list.

Know anyone like that?  Then pass along this blog article…written by a perfectionist OCD list-making fool!  (me)

…and before I even get to my list of lists… you should know about the ultimate listing resource:  LIST.LY

Listly lets you make lists, and see other peoples’ lists.  There are a lot of list-makers out there.

On Listly, for instance, I did a search for “marketing” topics, and got a search result list of more than 9,000 lists!  ‘Probably a great idea to refine your search in that case, then.

My list of marketing blogs didn’t come from List.ly, but probably could’ve.  You might notice some of the same names popping up again and again in these lists.  That’s because the best blogs get noticed the most by list-makers… and there’s a reason for that…they’re good!

5 Best Marketing Blog Lists:

  1. Top 25 Must-Read Online Marketing Blogs for 2015  I like this list, ’cause it has my all-time favorite marketing blog: Duct Tape Marketing
  2. Best Small Business Blogs of 2015…and we’re all small business freelance voice actors, right?
  3. Best SEO and Content Marketing Blogs in 2015  Is there any hotter catch-phrase right now than “Content Marketing”?…yep, and it’s SEO!  (BTW, this is a list created on Storify…another great list-making/reading place on the web!)
  4. 2015 Best Business Blogs to Hone Your Marketing Chops  This list starts off with Marketing Profs…another blog that makes it to most “best marketing” blog lists.
  5. Best Marketing Blogs for Beginners, 2015 Edition ‘Not sure why this one is pegged as being a list for beginners.  Most of the entries on this list are ones I’ve visited over and over for years.

Honorable mention:  Top 16 Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2015  Sometimes the best marketing blogs are from the best social media sites…like Hubspot, Buffer, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite.  This Honorable Mention list has a few of those and more.

Enjoy, you list-reading nut, you!




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