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by | Sep 11, 2015 | Fun Stuff

Peter-Shankman-headshotEver heard of Peter Shankman?

He’s a gadabout, ADHD, brilliant Social Media and business entrepreneur personality and coach.  The guy gets around.

He does seminars at all the right conferences, and is probably best known for his daily HARO newsletter.  HARO stands for Help A Reporter Out.  The newsletter attempts to put together experts with the reporters who need their expertise.  It’s also a wonderful daily list of story ideas.

You’d do well to add the Shakman website, and all the many resources he shares freely to your daily feed.

Yesterday’s newsletter had a list of productivity hacks that was just golden.  I don’t think Peter Shankman would mind if I repurpose them here for you.  Just remember to sign up for his newsletter, OK?


Productivity Hacks!

Productivity Hack #1: Drink some water! There’s nothing better in the world for productivity than being hydrated. I take a gallon bottle, and each night before  bed, fill it halfway up and throw it in the freezer. In the morning, I fill it the rest of the way, and I have a gallon of cold water, on my desk, all day long. When I finish the gallon, I know it’s time to stop working for the day.
Productivity Hack #2: Exercise! Not “go to the gym or go run a marathon,” but little exercise “microbursts.” Before a meeting, drop and do ten pushups, or ten jumping jacks. Heck, even lean against a wall and push yourself back from it a dozen times. Those simple little actions will boost your endorphins and boost your productivity. IT’s all about the chemicals in your brain.
Productivity Hack #3: Keep a “fear jar.” I keep a bottle on my desk, and throw my loose change in it daily. You’d be surprised how quickly it adds up. When it hits a few hundred bucks, I take it and do something scary. That’s how I started skydiving, it’s how I went and flew in an F4 jet, it’s how I got to rappel down the side of a mountain. Fear is good. It keeps you alive and helps you be better.
Productivity Hack #4: One day a week, no meetings, no scheduled phone calls. Simply get into a groove, and don’t let anything interrupt it. I do this a lot – I only allow meetings one day per week. The rest of the time, I get to do things like write and create new ways of generating revenue!
Productivity Hack #5: Lose negative people. It’s probably the hardest thing to do, because it can hurt some feelings, but cutting out those negative people from your life can have a tremendous positive affect, allowing you to grow, explore, and do things you wouldn’t have thought of doing before. Life is short. Don’t get weighed down by BS.
Productivity Hack #6: Go to sleep a half hour early, and wake up a half hour early. Getting up earlier will radically change your life for the better. I guarantee it. See this post for tips on how to do it.
[BTW, Dave Courvoisier is off to his HS Class Reunion in Central Illinois next week, so the blog will be chronicling his travels in pictures.]



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