#WoVOChat Wednesday: Commercials!

by | Aug 17, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat commercialsWhen you start out in voice-over work…what’s the first demo you put together? 

Commercial, right? 

We all kinda want that to be our bread ‘n’ butter.  It doesn’t always work out that way…but that seems to be most everyone’s hope.

So, little wonder that WoVOChats would eventually touch on commercials.

Our WoVO experts for this topic rock the commercial genre EVERY DAY.  World-Voices President Emeritus Dustin Ebaugh, and everyone’s favorite Aussie voice-actor: Matt Cowlrick.

Obviously, this is a HUGE topic field, and we’re not going to solve world hunger in an hour-long tweetchat, but I GUARANTEE you will grow in your knowledge from this WoVOChat.  If not from the guests, then from the many salient responses you’ll get from the visitors.

Our tweetchat architect and moderator is WoVO pro, and content marketer supreme, Pamela Muldoon.

Our knowledgeable host, WoVO Board member, and an accomplished commercial voice actor in his own right is Brad Venable.

We start at noon Pacific, and recommend using TChat.io or Tweetchat.com for these sessions, although Tweetdeck and Hootsuite work fine too.

Below is the list of 10 questions that will form the outline of our hour-long Q&A.

C ya there!


1) How has commercial voiceover changed over the years? What are you seeing today that is different from when you started?

2) What type of training is important to be successful in commercial VO?

3) It’s suggested that a prof. VO should ensure their first demo is a commercial demo. Why is the commercial demo so important?

4) Does a VO talent need to be union to get commercial work? How much commercial work is non-union?

5) How is commercial work billed, generally?

6) Commercial VO traditionally meant TV/Radio ads. What should we be aware of in terms of digital options for commercial VO?

7) Let’s discuss the ‘conversational’ read in commercial VO. What are clients looking for when they request that in the specs?

8) As the industry continues to evolve, how important is an agent in getting Commercial VO work?

9) How important is it to work with a coach in commercial voiceover?

10) What tools should I have to pursue commercial VO these days?



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