#WoVOChat Results: Commercials

by | Aug 19, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsThe production of Radio and TV commercials forms the backbone of the voiceover industry.  While commercials no longer define the scope of opportunities for voice actors, the medium offers some of the biggest challenges, and best compensation rates for us.

As such, the genre is huge…creating a marketplace for demos, coaches, production houses, agents, casting agents, director, equipment vendors, hardware/software devices and much more. 

Because of that scope, we couldn’t hope to address all the ins and outs of this field in a one hour WoVOChat…but I gotta admit…we took a pretty good stab at it today.

World-Voices President Emeritus Dustin Ebaugh, and everyone’s favorite Aussie voice-actor: Matt Cowlrick had the ready answers as our guest experts, and a bunch of other drop-ins offered invaluable ideas.

Our tweetchat architect and moderator…also WoVO pro, and content marketer supreme, Pamela Muldoon held court as moderator…and our knowledgeable host, Brad Venable held it all together.

Muldoon also handles post-chat metrics, and put together this Storify summary of the tweets:


There’s also this link to see the reach of today’s chat:


Thanks everyone for your support of World-Voices Organization, and the bi-weekly TweetChats!




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