#WoVOChat Results: Audiobooks

by | Aug 5, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsSome voice-actors put audiobook narration at the center of their business.  The rest just shake their heads, and are often known to say:  “…I just don’t know how they do it!…”

You could say that about eLearning, and technical/medical narrations, and radio imaging too, but for some reason we all know audiobook narrating really IS a subculture all its own.

We talked about that and a heckuva lot more on today’s #WoVOChat.  I’m forever amazed and pleased that SO MUCH information is shared in that one hour of the chat.  Little surprise, though, considering that our guests pretty much had the answer for everything.  And no wonder…both Bob Souer and Karyn O’Bryant represent all that’s good about the business of audiobook narrations.

As usual, our moderator and WoVO Pro Pamela Muldoon held it all together impeccably, and host Brad Venable had done all his homework to make it happen.  The visitors to our World-Voices Organization chat, though, always make it complete.

Muldoon also compiles a Storify record of all the tweets during the hour, and you can see that summary here:


There’s also some Twitter reach metrics that show how far this message got in the twittersphere.  You’ll find that here:


Thanks, Bob, Karyn, Pamela, Brad, and all our “chatters” for making this so special today!




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