Have Demo, Will Travel

by | Aug 21, 2015 | Demos

soundboard-bIn a new twist to an old scam, certain demo producers are apparently willing to bring the total demo solution TO YOUR HOME!

This is just so wrong on so many levels I don’t know where to start.

Think I’m kidding?

Notice on a San Diego Craigslist post 3 days ago:  [click here]

I’m an experienced voice actor with a professional (Pro Tools) mobile set up. 
I can come to your house with all my equipment and record that personal professional demo you’ve always wanted to do.

I can also provide tips and advice on your recording and once we’re finished you’ll be able to email and post it wherever you please. 
Email for rates – all depends on what your looking for, how long, and how far of a drive it is!

I guess the word on the street persists.  The word that doing voice-overs is so darn easy and inexpensive that virtually anyone can do it!  I mean, it’s “just talking” right?

That perception spawns the above Craiglist fraud and other misrepresentations and scams that play on people’s dreams.  I know, I know…there’s a sucker born every minute.  But that doesn’t give ANYONE license to take actually advantage of people. 

This blog is not meant to be a philosophical treatise on morals…just a lesson in reality.  Be educated.  Voice over success for 99% of those who jump on this train — is a marathon, not a sprint.  There are no short-cuts.  Just for the record, here’s a short list of why this ad is just plain wrong:

  1. You can’t START in VO by producing a demo in your first weekend/day-long session.  (that comes after a lot of practice, immersion, study, coaching, and… uh…more practice)
  2. This guy is going to coach you, direct you, AND produce your demo all at once?  (there are precious few professionals who can do this, and you can’t afford them)
  3. “Tips and advice” on posting and emailing your demo.  (…and he’s a marketing expert too!)
  4.  And when he leaves with his great equipment…how do you reproduce that sterling sound in your studio (if you have one)?  (it’s common practice for demos to be done on YOUR OWN equipment, so you don’t misrepresent your sound)
  5. How would you even know what’s a decent rate for this sham-of-a-service?   (rates for specialized services like this require lots of research and consulting with knowledgeable industry insider)

Honorable mention:  Where are his references, a client history, and track record? [even a professional website with examples of his work?] (hopefully he has this stuff, and is happy to share it with you)

Craigslist:  the last place to look to get your demo done.




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