WoVOChat Today: Social Media Sharing & the Buyer’s Perspective

by | Jul 8, 2015 | WoVOChat

wovochatlogo-whiteQuestions that have no answers…only, we’re going to try.  On today’s #WoVOChat we’re going to really try to dissect the repercussions of your social media presence on your business…good AND bad.

Monitoring such things can be tough.  Keeping metrics on forum threads and personal impressions gets into some fairly unquantifiable concepts.  Even harder: determining how your online profile is impacting your business.  How do THEY see you?  Are you getting jobs from real clients with your online efforts?

WoVO Executive Board member Brad Venable hosts today’s WoVOChat, with the ever-capable skills of moderator, tweetchat architect, and content marketing guru Pamela Muldoon.  Guest expert is everybody’s favorite audio engineer, director, producer, coach, and all-around swell guy, Cliff Zellman.

Join us at noon, Pacific online.  Usually TweetDeck or Hootsuite is a fine way to join in. Just search the hashtag #WoVOChat.  We’ve found that tchat.io and tweetchat.com are even better ways to follow the conversation.  In fact, we’re counting on YOU to make the stream-of-consciousness even that much better with your observations and contributions!

Below is a list of the questions we’ll be tackling.  As always, these are great guiding questions that tend to lead to a far-ranging discussion that benefits everyone participating…or even reviewing answers later (watch for links to that here on this blog).


1)  How can your online presence affect your business potential?  

2)  What affect does public criticism have on how your business is perceived?  

3) How does it sound to a client when you turn down work because of rates? 

4)  At what point does our social media sharing cross the line and become arrogance? 

5) The humblebrag. Mildly annoying and harmless, or something altogether terrible?  

6)  There’s a fine line between your personal and professional faces. Where does one end and the other begin?

7)  What does a buyer think of oversharing…is it good, clean self-promotion, or  a possibility for conflict?

8) When you use social media, how do you separate your personal self from your professional self…or can you?

9)  It is said that social media doesn’t mix well with certain topics. What are they, and how much should a buyer know? 

10)  What is the worst situation involving social media that you have dealt with as a buyer?



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