#WoVOChat ReCaP: Social Media Sharing & The Buyers’ Perspective

by | Jul 8, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsHoo Boy!  If you missed THIS chat, you missed a good one!  Or rather, those who attended missed out on your awesome input!  🙂

Either way, and thanks to the digital gods, nothing is lost in the ether.  In fact, that was one of the points of today’s chat:  NOTHING ever really disappears on the internet.

Our one knowledgeable expert guest was Cliff Zellman…WoVO member, ace audio engineer, coach, producer, man-about-town…what CAN’T this guy do?  His answers from the producer/client perspective were worth the price of admission!

As always, we’d be lost without the able content marketing skills of WoVO Pro member Pamela Muldoon, who moderates the chat for us.  Brad Venable was unable to host today’s chat, so yours truly stepped in at the last minute.  I’m glad I did… the participation was incredible from some of the top SoMe specialists in VO-land (and you know who you are!).

Muldoon collates all the tweets from the hour into a Storify record of the chat, and you can see it by clicking the link below:


If you’re so inclined, and are into that kind of thing, you can also see the reach of today’s#WoVOChat (Hey!…metrics are important!), by clicking the link below:


Take some time reviewing this one… the knowledge shared was significant!

We’re working on the next topic…two weeks from today.

C ya there!




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