#WoVOChat Results: Portable Recording

by | Jun 24, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOChat resultsTalk about great sharing!  Today’s WoVOChat on the topic of portable recording has info you just gotta see.  Luckily, the conversation is not there ‘n’ gone, but saved in a stream-of-consciousness on Storify.

Our guests Brad Venable and Liz de Nesnera were awesome contributors.  Their collective wisdom alone makes this a valuable thread, but then all the visitors added even more knowledge on top of all that.

One note: this is my last WoVOChat as coordinator and host.  My duties as WoVO President are taking me on to other challenges, and today’s guest expert, Brad Venable, will be “riding herd” on the WoVOChats from now on.  As always, the architect of these amazing online discussions — Pamela Muldoon — remain as the moderator.  Pamela is not only a WoVO Pro voice actor, but a content marketing specialist.  Thank you so much, Pamela!!!

Pamela also compiles the metrics for the chats, including the “reach”, and the Storify record of all the tweets.  You’ll find the links for that below.

Click here for the Storify of today’s chat on portable recording.

Click here for a measure of the reach of today’s chat.

Thanks to all who continue to make WoVO and WoVOChats so successful!  Don’t worry, I’ll be dropping into these chats on a regular basis.





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