What Are YOUR Post-nominal Letters?

by | Jun 18, 2015 | Fun Stuff

letters-jumbleThe popular thing these days is to load your resume with impressive-looking initials that indicate the position, degree, or honor that you have attained.  They’re called post-nominal letters.  For a classless society, it provides a sort of pedigree, I suppose.

Common ones are Ph.D., M.D., MBA, CPA, RN, EMT, CFP, and more.  Obviously acronyms serve a purpose for Americans.  We love brevity, and use of such labels saves space.

But taken to the extreme, it gets NUTTY.  

I had a Social Media message the other day from a guy who posted his name as:


Really?  Am I supposed to be impressed?  Do you honestly think I’m going to go to Wikipedia and look-up all those post-nominal letters?

It got me to thinking about what PNL’s (post-nominal letters) an upstanding voice-actor might use.  Here’s what mine would be:

Dave Courvoisier, AmAO, CbNW, GttM, E-Hw

Rosetta Stone for the above:

AmAO:  Audition my Ass Off
CbNW:  Coached by Nancy Wolfson
GttM:   Geek to the Max
E-Hw:  Ethical and Hard Working

Here are some others you might consider:

WoVO:  World-Voices Organization member
SAG-AFTRA:  Screen Actors Guild-American Federation Television and Radio Artists
VA: Voice Actor (but so is Virtual Assistant)
IHMA:  I Have Many Agents
BTF5:  ‘Been to FaffCon 5 times
PFoJC:  Personal Friend of Joe Cipriano

You get the idea. 

Make up your own!

Mix and match ’em!  Keep ’em guessing!  After all there is no official accrediting agency for voice-actors (or journalists for that matter), so who’s going to call you on it?

This could be fun!  I look forward to the creative use of PNL’s in your e-mail signature!

CourVO, AmAO, CbNW, GttM, E-Hw



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