Today’s #WoVOChat: Portable Recording

by | Jun 24, 2015 | WoVOChat

WoVOchat results-portable recordingVoice Actors swear by this rule of thumb:   Business can be as slow as molasses, until you decide to take a few days off, away from home, then clients are bugging you with big projects and tight deadlines!

Maybe that’s why we all stress over having a portable recording solution packed up and ready to go for the road, the hotel room, Aunt Sharon’s bedroom…or wherever else you end up away from your private studio.

Today we’re going to tackle the ins and outs of that topic on WoVOChat.  Join us at noon Pacific time on Twitter.  The following programs work great for this medium:  Hootsuite, TweetDeck,, and

Our guest experts are Brad Venable and Liz de Nesnera.  I’ll be along as the host and greeter, and WoVO Pro as well as content marketing specialist Pamela Muldoon is our moderator.

Below are the 10 questions we hope to cover in the hour that we’ll be online.  But typically, the answers and the conversation swings far and wide into unexpected, and always-helpful discussions.

Join us?



1) Is it even possible to recreate the sound of my home studio while I’m recording in a hotel room?

2) Some VO pros say the “pillow fort” is unnecessary. If not, then what do you use to create a recording environment hile you’re away?

3) Is a USB mic good enough for the a travel kit?…or should you always take your fave XLR mic with you?

4) Can an advanced tablet or smartphone suffice as a recording/editing device?

5) Let’s get detailed. Brad, give us some examples of your portable audio chains.

6) Liz, what are the pieces of your On-The-Road setup?

7) What about peripherals? Can you give us a list of valuable incidentals that can make or break your session?

8) What do you tell your clients when you travel?

9) What are some insider tricks to recording in a hotel or other impromptu places?

10) How do you pack your set-up when you travel? Do you check it or carry on?



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