The Power of Video (Again)

by | May 1, 2015 | Web Resources

video-2Twice in one week.  I’m not a shill for Bob Merkel and VoiceZam…but I sure do like his style, innovation, and products.

Earlier this week, I mentioned in my blog a little-known VoiceZam feature called ZamFusion: Bob Merkel’s Best Kept Secret No More.

Today, a quick note to point you to ANOTHER new feature to VoiceZam that Merkel just rolled out…although it’s not a big secret, ’cause it’s been in Beta for some time.  VIDEO.  Add video vignettes with your voice to your demo player.  If you do explainer videos, video presentations, or other visual projects for your clients.  Ask them if you can excerpt some of that work for this demo feature.

You’ve heard me say here that video is hot…oh, my is it!  Social media has trained us to have eagle-eyes for pictures and moving pictures (and it doesn’t hurt that humans are more visually hard-wired than most any other of the 6 senses).

And as always, Bob presents this video integration feature at a very reasonable price.

Click here to see his announcement.

Nice work, Bob!




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