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by | May 26, 2015 | ipDTL

ipdtl-cThat’s right… the contingency that confounds some voice talents, frustrates others, and and only clients seem to want, is now a regular feature of ipDTL.  

“Phone Patch” is different things to different people.  It’s rooted in an older time, when ISDN was king.  Some voice talent make it out to be a lot more involved or technically convoluted than it has to be.  For a growing segment of voice-actors, a simple cell phone connection on speaker-phone, or wired to the ear, works.  Still others just plug Skype into the same microphone to which they’re speaking for the session recording.

Regardless, it usually seems to come up with agency work, or remote clients who have more than one person, or to more than one location who need to hear the talent in the recording session (usually the more people on the call, the more complicated it gets, right?).  For that reason, requesting a “phone patch” can lead to a rolling of the eyes in some instances.

But there’s no need for a “phone patch” session to be technically difficult, or a mental roadblock.  Now ipDTL just adds the feature to their regular interface.  They call it simply: “TEL”.patch

You’ll notice the new keypad icon on the left of the standard ipDTL interface, under the “link” icon.

Click it, brings up a typical telephone keypad, that works through the standard POTS lines.

with keypad

Many of you know the founder and force behind ipDTL – Kevin Leach.

Kevin agreed to connect with me through the video feature on ipDTL just a couple of days ago, to explain in his own words the addition of phone patch to the interface.

Please watch the video below to see our interview.  The screen grabs I made are from the preview site at test.ipdtl.com.  You can go to that address for a sneak preview.  I think you’ll find answers to most of your questions in the interview — including pricing and availability.

Kevin is seeking Beta testers as a final step in development of this feature.  If you contact him at the email address mentioned in the video and tell them you heard about phone patch or “TEL” here on my blog, he’ll get you signed up for a free test.

Thanks, Kevin!




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