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MC’ing a previous Gala with a Boys Town resident

Today’s blog has nothing to do with voiceover, and everything to do with one of my favorite organizations…and my relationship to it.

Boys Town…the original Father Flanagan’s service organization for troubled kids is almost 100 years old.boystown

The landmark sprawling campus in Omaha has changed thousands of lives.

Some years ago, the organization started expanding, and putting chapters in cities that needed the help.  Las Vegas needed the help.

A very young and moustachio’d Dave Courvoisier took part in the effort to convince the residents of Las Vegas that this was a worthwhile endeavour.  You can see some video excerpts of the news stories I did below.  This was all in 1989-90.

Later, I became a founding member of the Board of Directors for Boys Town, Nevada, and I’m still on the board.

Boys_Town_LogoTonight all those memories come flooding back as Boys Town Nevada has seen fit to put me as the honoree at their 11th annual “Journey of Hope” Gala fundraiser.  I’m uncomfortable with this sort of praise.  But I understand the desire of well-meaning people to show their gratitude to people who’ve done the work…and I’ve done the work.  That much I can say with certainty.

But who wouldn’t?  When you see the way this organization changes lives.  No.  Really.  They change lives. …then you’d want to help to.

the real Father Flanagan with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy from the BoysTown Movie

the real Father Flanagan with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy from the BoysTown Movie

I’m taking the day off.  In the evening, I’ll go to the Venetian Resort on the strip with my family and greet my friends.  I’ll pose for pictures, and give a brief speech and pick up a trophy.  Boys Town will have a silent auction,  a live auction, and hopefully, they’ll sell a lot of seats.   I hope they raise more than they expected.  If my being the conspicuous honoree brings more money to the Boys Town coffers, then it’s all worth it.

Wanna know more?  Click here.

Wanna get a good smile?  Then watch the video below.

Thanks for listening…Oh, and BTW, this IS about voiceover after all, ’cause I’ve volunteered my voice for quite a few BoysTown video presentations…why woulnd’t I?  They change lives.




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