WoVOChat Today: Essentials of Running a Successful Freelance VO Business

by | Apr 8, 2015 | WoVOChat

wovochatlogo-whiteThe smoothest delivery in the world will not get you over a rough road filled with business potholes.

VO lore is full of stories of the golden-voiced talent who failed at voice-acting.  Why?  They fell short in their business acumen.  And it’s not all that tough.  Resources abound in print, online, and among your peers with tips on running a successful voiceover business.

We’re going to touch on a few of the most common questions that trip-up the most well-meaning voice-talent.  Novices AND those who have been knocking their head against the wall for years will benefit.melissamoats

dheere_thumb.jpgAccomplished voice-actor, and VO business speaker Tom Dheere is one of our guests.  The other is “SuperVOGirl”…a Las Vegas voice-talent phenom who proves every day she knows how to run a VO biz:  Melissa Moats

Our moderator is WoVO pro member, voice actor, and content marketing queen Pamela Muldoon, and yours truly will be hosting the event as its organizer.

Below are some of the questions we’ll be answering during our TweetChat, starting at Noon, Pacific.  Remember to use the hashtag #wovochat in all your tweets during that hour.  We like tchat.io or tweetchat.com as best interfaces to use for the TweetChat (free).

1)   Seriously, do you really need a formal business plan to be a successful voice actor?

2)   Can you be a success as a freelance voice-actor without having a great voice?

3)   I’m doing “just alright” in my freelance VO. What should I do to take it to the next level? 

4)  For Pros and Newbs: What are your four favorite books/resources for sharpening business skills? 

5)  Marketing.  It freaks me out… How can I overcome my fear?

6)  So, how do I actually write a business plan?

7)  How do I know which area of VO I’m best at?  

8)  How do I break down my business into manageable parts? 

9)  What does a full-time Voice Actor’s day really look like? 

10) Why is this so hard?

See you at noon!





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