Not Your Grandfather’s SEO

by | Apr 14, 2015 | Web/Tech

seo-aSearch Engine Optimization…is it even do-able anymore?  Can any ONE person try to mount it on their own without hiring some specialist?  And how to you vet that person?  What do you even ask them?  How do you know THEY know the latest methods?

Google has always controlled this marketplace, and lately they’ve been doing their best to upend any formula that might have existed — if at all.

I wasn’t even good at the OLD ways of establishing SEO.  People I used to rely on to help me are “out of the business” of SEO…they found the ever-changing rules too complicated to follow.  Maybe that’s ultimately the way Google wants it.  So difficult to try to manipulate the system that people quit trying altogether.

Still…there must be some actions you can take that count you on the plus side of the equation — that get your website noticed.

Tradition holds that no matter what Google tries, it keeps coming back to:

  • good content
  • fresh content
  • time on site
  • mobile
  • conversational
  • multimedia
  • interaction (shares)
  • quality linking rather than quantity

There’s more, but it gets very arcane and esoteric.  I think it’s really outside the purview of the layman, and comes under the heading of “hiring someone to take care of that”… ’cause to tinker with it yourself would just take too much time…and you could be doing other things to build your VO business that you’re QUALIFIED to do.

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