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by | Mar 5, 2015 | Video

video-22015 was going to be the year of video for me.  So far, it hasn’t been easy carving out that goal, but I’ve made some deliberate and encouraging steps in that direction.

Let me back up a second.  How often do you find that your friends outside of your VO circle are fascinated to find out what you do…and even more curious to see your studio, and how you do your work?  Right?  Most people are mesmerized in witnessing the process of voice-over in the booth. 

But how often do you remember to fire up your camera (phone, webcam, digital cam, etc) and point it in your general direction when recording?  Yes, it takes a little planning and set-up, but often, the results are usable for sharing and marketing.

I did that with a medical narration project recently, and doctored it up a little…’made it presentable with an open/close and some transitions.  It wasn’t that hard, and it’s something I think I can use here ‘n’ there when making a proof-of-performance pitch.  Just an example of what’s possible as a person in audio using video.

You can see that video below…2 mins.  Maybe a little long, but you get the idea.


Courvoisier Medical Narration Feb 2015 from Dave Courvoisier on Vimeo.



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