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WoVOChat resultsWednesday’s #WoVOChat on the value of agents in your VO business was quite informative.

We had a broad spectrum of visitors and responses.  Bobbin Beam and Chuck Davis had awesome answers and leadership on this topic, and our moderator Pamela Muldoon completes the team with her organizational and content marketing skills.

Thanks to all who participated and contributed invaluable answers, experience, and observations.   We continue to see new faces each episode of #WoVOChat, and we’re glad you joined in!

To see a complete Storify transcript of the “Agents” WoVOChat session click here.

To get a look at some of the metrics involved in the reach of the chat, click here.

A SlideShare containing a streamlined version of the info is below, also provided by Pamela Muldoon.

In two weeks, our next WoVOChat will tackle the topic of how to run a sound freelance VO BUSINESS.  That’s April 8th at noon, Pacific.




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