Rock Solid IP?

by | Mar 10, 2015 | VO Business

bricThat’s the phrase and the defense you always hear about ISDN. 

“It’s rock solid”!

…obviously an acknowledgement that the competition isn’t.  And these days the competition is IP-based: Source-Elements, ipDTL, SoundStreak, etc.

But the field of IP alternatives to ISDN is getting populated by some innovative solutions that almost “feel” like ISDN, and in that sense may have a marketing advantage.

Hence, “The Brick”…Bric-Link by ComRex.  A brick is about as solid as a rock…right?

Bric-Link is simple box you connect to your router.   This method of connection makes BRIC an IP alternative to ISDN, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who thinks it’s not just as reliable as ISDN.  One veteran voice-actor told me there is zero latency, and he uses it to “appear’ on a Boston radio show from his California home every day!

BRIC (Broadcast Reliable Internet Codec) certainly comes from an unimpeachable name in broadcast tradition.  bric-2Comrex has been around practically as long as radio, and customers rave about Comrex’ customer service and commitment after the sale.

Since the BRIC has it’s roots in a broadcast environment, it may be unfamiliar to individual freelance voice-actors.  The BRIC solution relies on the receiving as well as the transmitting party having a BRIC module.  But there’s no reason to believe a BRIC signal couldn’t be bridged by a service for your clients who demand ISDN.

You can read all the BRIC specs here.

Owners I’ve talked to say the audio quality is better than ISDN…and no activation fee, no monthly charges, no special line installation…just your installed internet service. 

BRIC includes a simple computer interface with VU meters included to help control the initiation of the signal, but otherwise, no other controls are needed.  It’s mono/stereo, and a true IP codec (signal code/decode).  It also claims to have solved any drop-out problems, but other solutions promise that too. has the BRIC listed at $1349, so that approaches the cost of an ISDN codec.  But hey…you’re buying future… not past technology!


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