WoVOChat Today: Online VO Casting Sites

by | Feb 25, 2015 | World-Voices.org, WoVOChat

tweetchatp2pTweetChats are fun, educational, community-building events that can also get to the heart of things 140 characters at a time.

At noon Pacific time today, Wed., 2-25-15 World-Voices Organization will host a TweetChat on the topic of P2P’s, subscription sites, online casting sites.  Call them what you will, they are the subject of constant discussion, and we’ll be adding to that conversation today.

Park yourself in front of your Hootsuite or TweetDeck screen at noon PST today, set up a search column for the hashtag #wovochat, and watch the stream of consciousness happen.

We’ve found that the sites tchat.io and TweetChat.com work quite well, too.

Our guests are voice talents and WoVO members Matt Cowlrick, and J Michael Collins.  Both are well versed on the pros and cons of the VO online marketplace.

I’ll be hosting along with Moderator and WoVO member Pamela Muldoon

The hour will fly by…believe me!  We welcome your fair-minded, and civil contributions to the conversation.

Later on Wednesday, I’ll be posting here some of the metrics and results of the tweetchat.

Remember, put the hashtag #WOVOCHAT on everything you say during the hour.




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