Recharge! 3 Ways to Fight the Winter Blahs

by | Feb 17, 2015 | Ruminations

blahsI dunno.  How are you doing these days?

Somehow I made it through January…the most hated month in my year.  I’m one of the most optimistic people I know, but that doesn’t mean I’m immune to doldrums. 

Lethargy is an equal opportunity mind-set.  Business can be good, or jobs can be scarce…none of it immunizes you from the blahs. 

Without spouting too much psycho-babble on ya, can we agree that the genesis of listlessness stems from endless personal variables unique to each of us? So there’s no one-answer-fits all, and there’s no shame in seeking professional help if it gets bad enough.  But most of us know that nothing lasts forever – even apathy…so hopefully you have a strong support system or sufficient diversions to see you through.

 ‘Not sure why I felt moved to write about this today.  I’m lucky enough to be on a good tack right now.  Maybe I thought some could stand to hear some words of encouragement, and three suggestions that often help me find my way back when indifference takes over.

1) As trite as it may sound…FORCING yourself into action can set aright many a foundering ship. Why force yourself to, when there’s barely the impetus to put your shoes on?  Because:

2)  Right actions often lead to right thoughts.  You’d think it would be the other way around, but believe it or not, it works both ways.  DO the productive thing, and before you know it, your mind kicks into gear with the right thoughts.

3) Service.  Do something for another deserving soul in an act of genuine altruism,  and your cares will begin to seem trivial.  Mind you…service means doing an act of giving with no thought of reward or recognition.  The DOING of it is its own reward back to you.  No one else needs to know.

So there you have it.   A mini pep-rally from CourVO on a Tuesday in the month of February, with half the country buried in snow. 





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