WoVOChat, Down Pat

by | Jan 15, 2015 | WoVOChat

twitter reachYou didn’t have time to join us yesterday for our little social media scrum? 

Well, we missed you, and we had lots of fun.

Luckily, because of the awesome content marketing talents of our moderator, Pamela Muldoon, and the automation software she put in gear…you can relive all the important (and not-so-important) moments of the hour-long chat. (see below for links)

More and more of your peers are attending, and the hour goes like THAT!  In fact, once you get over the mental roadblock of what exactly a TwitterChat IS…you realize it’s easy as pie, and lots of fun!

Our topic this time was “CHARTING THE WoVO COURSE FOR 2015”, and the input was helpful.  Our thanks to all those who participated!

Here’s the link to the Storify Stream of Tweets

Here’s the link to the chat report in terms of Twitter Reach

Next TweetChat is noon PST, Wednesday, January 28th…and the topic is RATES.  THAT should be interesting.  Guest is still unannounced…but it’ll be good!




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