WoVOChat #2

by | Jan 12, 2015 | VO SociaMedia, WoVOChat

twitterchatYup…every two weeks, we just have too much fun jumping onto Twitter and goin’ to town!

I’m just letting you know so you can get prepared for Wednesday at noon Pacific Time.

Since these are sponsored and organized by World-Voices, we get to choose the agenda and topics.  For Wednesday, Jan. 14th, we’re going to talk about “Charting the WoVO Course for 2015”

Of course, no one is twisting your arm to participate, but it’s just another great point of interaction with your peers.  You don’t even have to be a WoVO member to join in!  This one in particular is kind of a brain-storming session.  We’ve found that WoVO members have a great hive-mind of ideas, and while we have some vision of where we’d like to take the only Industry Trade Association for voice-actors…we don’t always know the best way to get there.  That’s where we’d appreciate your input.

We’re even posting the 10 questions we’re discussing ahead of time (see numbered list below).  We found with these chats, it’s good to be organized ahead of time. 🙂  Manning the WoVO TwitterChat will be myself and Dustin Ebaugh (we’re the Exec VP, and Exec Pres of WoVO, respectively).  Social Media content whiz and fellow WoVO member Pamela Muldoon will be coordinating, moderating, and later, evaluating the results of  our event.  We find the listing of those results quite productive.

We’re aware Twitter is not the favorite social media platform for some voice-actors.  No worries.  This is  not tough.  Here are some tips:

There’s no need to let us know if you’re joining or not, nor do you have to be on time (although it’ll help)…just set a search column in TweetDeck or Hootsuite or TwitterFall (or whatever you use to monitor Twitter) to the search term #WoVOChat.  Then, sit back and watch the conversation happen.  Chime in whenever you feel.  The results can be fast and furious, so it helps to be a good typist!  Here’s a great tip that WoVO member Anthony Gettig discovered.  http://tchat.io.  Just go there, enter the hashtag #wovochat, and start in!  Easy as pie.

One more thing.  If you’d like a quick primer on TwitterChats, I recommend the following article.  We’ll be using a lot of these concepts in structuring our chats.


See on Twitter this Wednesday at noon, PST!

1)  WoVOCon 2015 is April 17-19 in Las Vegas.  How can we continue to improve this conference?
2)  How can WoVO best implement plans to mentor newer members? 
3)  What are the biggest issues involving trends in setting respectable rates for voice-actors? 
4)  Should WoVO pursue liaisons or even official recognition from SAG-AFTRA? 
5)  What’s the best way to get producers, clients, and booking agents to notice our new voiceover.biz site? 
6)  How can World-Voices best lead the business as the voice of people who speak for a living?
7)  How important is it that WoVO work to educate its members and non-members to the realities of our business?
8)  What should WoVO be doing to pubicize or reach-out to notify others why we exist and who we represent?
9)  Is it important for WoVO to provide badges, certificates, or acknowledgement for technical knowledge or status?
10) How could WoVO meet-up groups be more successful in further our mission?




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