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by | Dec 11, 2014 | Web Resources yesterday how I was talking about big changes afoot in broadcasting due to the disruptive nature of the internet?  (see: MEDIA REALITIES)

The history of radio shows us there are ways to survive this sea-change.  When TV came along, radio didn’t go away.  It just morphed, and fit itself into niches where it could find an audience and advertiser dollars.  That transformation continues today, only with fewer people and tighter budgets. 

TV will survive this revolution also, but it won’t ever look or act the same as the Cronkite generation. 

Newspapers?  I’m not sure they’ll survive.  I think the only place you’ll see a newspaper in the year 2025 is in a media museum.  What was once known as a newspaper will be another online news outlet such as you see with the Wall Street Journal, or USA Today.  People loyal to those brands and legacies will provide the reader-base online that will help them survive.

But back to radio…or what is being called “radio” in the internet epoch.  You hear echoes of radio in podcasts, blogcasts, online distribution of interviews, iTunes, etc. 

Now RadioWorld is making available for free, a guide to Radio Station Streaming.  The logic behind their release of this guide is that “…streaming audio is simple and commonplace, there are techniques that can improve your audience’s enjoyment of your content…”

Their materials explain that the ebook discusses the:  “…technical basics of radio station streaming including reference levels, audio compression, audio codecs and linking up content distribution networks to extend the number of listeners, and possibly monetize the service…”

Interested?  Here’s the link to download the free guide. 

You will have to fill out a form and answer a few questions,but that seems to me a small price to pay for the wisdom you’ll gain from this guide (disclaimer:  I’m not an affiliate, nor do I stand to get any return from promoting this).




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