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by | Nov 21, 2014 | Published Articles

huffpoPrint publication coverage of the voice-over business is usually lame…even online (which is where “print” is going).

Typically, it’s some thinly veiled promotion for a local VO workshop in the guise of a factual article.

TV news does this too…which shows the power of today’s “News Release”, or video PR release.  It’s also called:  “journalists being lazy”.  It’s just easier to take the info sent to you by an advertising or PR firm, and modify it slightly so you can call it a news story.

But what I read on the Huffington Post yesterday gave me pause for hope.  I try to steer clear of “HuffPo”.  It’s a little too cozy with the Washington power elite, and I’m not a big fan of Arianna’s “news” philosophy.

But this article, titled: HOW TO DO VOICE-OVER PART-TIME by Kate McClanaghan hits the mark in so many ways.  Forget that she wrote it for part-time hopefuls.  The observations and advice are spot-on for voice-actors, and anyone THINKING about being one — full-time OR part-time.

Take the time to read this brief article packed with an honest assessment of our business.

Nice going Kate!




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