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craigslist-bMaybe you’re above this. Perhaps SAG-AFTRA recommends you bypass this, or could be you’re just lost when it comes to this… but Craigslist is more and more proving to be a valid source for VO work IFF:

  1. you know how to use it
  2. you have the time
  3. you are patient

My “CRACKING CRAIGSLIST” blog from 2012 was by far and away the most read article I ever posted.  Some of the tips in that article are still pertinent today.

I’ve talked to many an accomplished voice-actor who reassure me that – yes – they’ve landed good-paying and long-term clients from Craigslist.  Think about it.  Finding a voice-over talent is complicated for the uninitiated corporate or civilian seeker.  Media companies and advertising firms are ALL ABOUT agents and pay-to-play sites.  But that leaves plenty of potential clients who have NO CLUE where to start their search for a voice-actor. 

THOSE people turn to Craigslist like they do for most everything else they want to buy or sell.  Craigslist is a juggernaut.  Any online site that can single-handedly cripple the major funding source for newspapers across the country is on to something.  Right?

So where to start? is the de facto, of course, and lets you search all the craigslist pages.  But these days there are some awesome 3rd-party apps, websites, and programs that do the heavy-lifting.

If you’re using an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) the Craigslist+ PRO app is amazing. It’s also now available as an app for Windows8.

One friend has had a lot of luck with  Please know that a lot of the search work in Craigslist is like any other advanced search.  You need to be good at choosing keywords, and playing with word combinations.

Other Craigslist search resources:

A list of best Craiglist Search Engines

Good luck, and let me know if you have a Craigslist success story!




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  1. Jack R Smith

    Hi Dave,

    Hope all is well with you. I have had some success with Craigslist. I search 2 to 3 times per day using the same search words each time. My first gig was a VO for a movie short which ended up winning awards at the Cannes Film Festival. It wasn’t a big part but it fueled the fire for me to work even harder. I wasn’t aware of the other tools and links available, so I thank you for all this new search info. If I keep this up it will go from a fueled fire to a raging inferno. You just can’t get enough information or resources to reach greater success as a VO talent. I thank you again for sharing and paying it forward.
    Stay the course and you will succeed!

    All the best,


    • CourVO


      Thanks for chiming in with your CraigsList experience. More often than not, when I write these blogs, it’s as much for me as anyone. In doing the research, I learn something, then I always know where to go to recover the info when I need it.

      Write soon, write often!

      Dave Courvoisier


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