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by | Sep 4, 2014 | VO Business

wovo-line-finalAre you lucky enough to have EVER served on an Executive Board of Directors for anything?  I have.  Lots of them.  Charitable organizations of all kinds find it fashionable and helpful to have a member of the media on the inner circle.

Over the years, though, I’ve had to say no to a few.  There are only so many ways you can be pulled until you realize you’re being ineffective.  Since my name has been associated with the plight of disadvantaged children for over 30 years, I’ve settled onto boards that benefit that population:  BoysTown Nevada, CASA, Big Brothers, Big Sisters, etc.

But nothing matches the satisfaction I’ve had in serving on the Exec. Board of World-Voices Organization.  No, we’re not solving world hunger or child abuse, but we ARE setting a foundation for the future in a business that needs what we’re developing.

I’m surprised how many voice-actors still don’t know we exist.  As a participant on a panel at the recent VOICE2014 convention, I was honored to be able to bring to the table some information about WoVO — the only Industry Trade Association representing voice-actors.  Many on the panel had not heard of us.  SAG-AFTRA — I think — doesn’t know quite how to regards us (we are NOT a union, or a threat to their mandate).

Now just a years-and-a-half old, we’ve reached 200 extremely dedicated and helpful members.


Recent MilePosts:

  • Released new logos (embedded in this article)
  • Held our first conference (WoVOCon, back in April)
  • Revamped our entire Dot Org website (http://www.worldvo.org)
  • Preparing to begin a recording skills certification program
  • Preparing to launch a new Free-2-Play talent search site

 There’s more.  Our board is active:  Maybe you know some of these names:  Elizabeth Holmes, Peter Bishop, Ann Richardson, Randye Kaye, Dan Lenard, Andy Curtis, Chris Mezzolesta, Dustin Ebaugh, and yours truly.  We exchange emails nearly every day.  We wrestle with thorny organizational and ethical issues.  We’re not puffed up.  Our direction is to be member-oriented, and completely transparent.  Our goals are to advocate, promote, educate, and mentor voice-actors.  We provide structure to a entrepreneurial culture of individualism.

It’s working. 

Wanna know more?

Please read the latest VoVO newsletter that fleshes-out many of the things I mentioned in this blog.  After VOICE2014, we got a rush of new applications.  We’d love to have yours.  WorldVO.org.




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